Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Low Carb Diet Logic

Low Carb Diets

The proponents of low carb diets want you to believe the following:
  •        That insulin is the only cause of fat gain and not an essential hormone for many important body functions.
  •           That over millions of years the human body has evolved to only get fat from us eating carbs despite us only discovering what carbs were less than 200 years ago.
  •         That carbs will only get turned into fat and not used for energy, but fats will only get used for energy and never turned into body fat.
  •          That insulin is bad and that replacing carbs for protein is good, but ignore that fact that eating protein increases insulin too.
  •        Excess energy/calories from eating fats and protein just disappears whereas all energy from carbs goes straight into your fat cells.
  •          Reducing calorie consumption is complicated and difficult, but checking every food label to ensure you are not eating carbs is easy.
  •          Any scientific study that shows low carb diets work is well designed by nutritional pioneers, but any study showing high carb diets are good/better is paid for by the sugar industry.
  •         Many carb free populations in history had low rates of CVD proving the evil of carbs but forget to tell you these populations groups used to die in their 50s.
  •         That once you stop eating carbs your body will burn fat and that your body can not burn fat if there are carbs in the system.
  • -       That swapping some carbs for protein will help you lose weight only because you are eating less carbs, not because protein aids the increase in metabolism.
  •        They have never counted calories, counting calories does not work but they know with certainty they used to over eat carbs, not fat or protein and that is why they got fat.

When pushed the low carb fans will change their arguments and want you to believe the following:
  •          That carbs from junk food are the worst (fruit and vegetables are ok) so cutting out junk food is recommended if you are on a low carb diet, but cutting out junk food on moderate to high carb diet won’t make any difference.
  •         If you exercise more carbs are ok, but this has nothing to do with balancing energy expenditure to energy intake as Calories in V Calories out does not work.
  •          That a big bowl of broccoli and carrots is not going to make you fat only because it is low carbs, not because it is low in calories and nutrition dense.
  •         The human body can work perfectly well with zero carbs, but you should eat carbs if you do sport/exercise as your body will work better.

Listen to common sense, listen to your Doctor, listen to a variety of different experts.

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