More About Me

Glyn Ward Personal Trainer

Glyn Ward always enjoyed sport and being active representing his school at Rugby, Hockey and Basketball, cross country running and playing club Rugby at under 19s before joining the Royal Air Force.  He served for over 13 years taking part in operations and exercises in North Africa, the Middle East and the Falklands Islands before retiring in 2013. 
It was through exposure to physical and adventure training during his time in the Royal Air Force that he began researching the different aspects of physical training and found the more he learned, the more questions he had.  At this point he decided to start obtaining formal qualifications so that he could pass on what he had learned to others.  This started with running section PT for colleagues in the Royal Air Force and one-on-one training with friends and co-workers.  It then seemed a natural progression to become a Personal Trainer on leaving the Royal Air Force.

What I do Now

Nothing in training is black and white, some exercises work for some people but not for others.  You can replicate a successful workout from a friend, book or the internet perfectly and still find that you cannot achieve the goals you seek.  This is where I can help you by selecting, then coaching the correct exercises that suite your individual goals and ability in order to maximise your gains.  Most people will be pleasantly surprised just how quickly you can improve strength, muscle size, cardiovascular fitness and/or fat loss with a personalised and when you train effectively and efficiently.

I can show you how to get the most out of the gym equipment, construct a personalised training plan for you, and run lunchtime classes.  A key part of this is to working with Occupational Health and Physiotherapist to rehabilitate any injuries, and on injury prevention.  Whether it is lower back pain, shoulder pain or any other part of the body it is likely that a combination of increased strength and improved movement can reduce or even prevent this pain.

  •  Level 3 Personal Trainer
  •  Level 3 Sports, Strength and Conditioning
  •  Level 3 GP and Exercise Referral
  •  Level 2 Circuit Training
  •  Level 2 Kettlebell Training
  •  Level 2 Suspension Training - TRX
  •  Level 2 Indoor Cycling - Spin
  •  Level 2 Gym Instructor