Monday, 2 February 2015

Common Sense Core Training

Core training is all about our ability to keep our torsos straight. This should be natural but owing to a variety of factors such as inactivity we get hopeless at it.  The majority of peoples solution to the bent torso problem is to go to the gym and bend it some more by doing sit-ups and crunches. This defies logic as firstly sit-ups primary hit the hip flexors that are often over tight due to us sitting down 8+ hours a day. Secondly, as most people do excessive range of motion on crunches and therefore often use the wrong muscles (often those overnight hip flexors) which just makes them more bent. You don't straighten something by making it bend more.

Think of a sapling that you want to grow into a tall straight, magnificent tree.  What do you do to help it keep straight and strengthen? You tie it to something that is straight, you do not bend it.

So what do you think is going to help you keep your back straight?


or this?

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