Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Common Gym Mistakes and Simple Solutions to them - Part 9

People who set goals are more likely to reach those goals. You need to put some sort of measurable quantity to what you are trying to achieve. ie

I want to be able to run 2km in less than 15 mins.
I want to be able to squat 50 kg.
I want to reduce my body fat by 3%.

Then set a time limit for this such as 6 weeks.  Every time you reach a goal then set another goal and continue pushing yourself on.

It is no good simply thinking ‘I feel fitter’ my clothes ‘feel looser’ as that is subjective, and training should be objective.

Even if you have no great desire to achieve something, i.e. take part in Race for Life, it is still effective to train based on goals.  What you could do is spend 8 weeks on cardio goals, then 8 weeks on body composition goals and then 8 weeks on strength goals.  Then repeat.

This is important so I will say it again: Experience shows people that set goals achieve more from their training than those who do not set goals.

How to test your body fat?  Use one of these

Bodyfat Monitor