Sunday, 16 November 2014

Learn From The Winners

Learn From The Winners

If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best.  There is an amazing amount of high quality and free information out there on the www.  However, 95% of the information out there is a total and utter cr@p.

How to you spot the cr@p?

-  A lot of bodybuilders are sponsored or own supplements companies so will always push these things on to you.
-  A lot of bodybuilders are trying to sell you a training plan/DVD.
- A lot of bodybuilder portray an image on YouTube that does not necessarily represent the way in which they actually train.
- Bodybuilders get paid to add their name to other peoples products.

With the power of Youtube I hope to show you several different bodybuilders who offer great advice and I have learnt a lot from.  Each person is different in style and presentation.

1. The No-Nonsense approach from 6 times Mr Olympia Dorian Yates:

Here Dorian explains some training concepts in support of his Blood and Guts workout (available free here).  Many people in the gym fail to grasp these concepts.

2. The Scientific Approach from Ben Pakulski

I highly recommend his ITunes Podcast

In this video, like many, Ben explains the simple, but mostly understood, process of isolating then training a muscle.  He does this by showing 2 similar looking exercise that work 2 areas. 

3. The Spiritual Approach with Kai Greene

Kai has an approach that is rarer these days, although he trains hard there is no doubt that training is more of a spiritual journey for him.  Here he trains arms with a novice trainee.

The main message is to find the approach that suites you as a person, but not to ignore the other approaches.  There are times when you need to go no-nonsense and just lift the weight.  There are times when you need to really think about what you are doing in order to hit the targeted muscle.  There are also times when you just need to go were your body takes you and not over think it.

There are times when the 2 approaches collide as when Kai and his training partner went to Birmingham to train with Dorian.  The sound quality is a bit off on this one but I recommend you turn the volume up to hear Dorian’s comments (some swearing).

As much as you can learn from youtube etc there is no substitute for learning from proper textbooks such as:

Science and Practice of Strength Training
Periodisation for Sports