Thursday, 20 November 2014

Common Gym Mistakes and Simple Solutions to them - Part 10

10. Logging

Log everything, the more you log the better. Top body builders are all completely and utterly OCD and will log everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them log their toilet output!

For most gym goers keep it simple and log the weights you lifted, the reps, the rest, how easy/hard it felt, warm-up activity, cool down, cardio (distance, pace, speed), heart rate, weight, body fat, calories, macros (macronutrients consumed in %) and so on. Top body builders take regular photos of themselves doing their poses too, how vain!  However, there is nothing to stop you taking some before, after and during photos to keep you motivated and on track.

Then when, for example, 6 weeks into your plan, armed with your log you have scientific and objective proof of your whether or not your program works. Have you gained strength, lost weight, lost fat, improved cardio vascular fitness etc? Your log should tell you in black and white, a factual record.  Without this all you can do is guess and this is where so many people go wrong.

Do not under estimate how important logging is.